Beautiful Homes for Beautiful People

By - Anuj
18.03.22 07:40 PM

Building Star Homes India - One day at a time !

At Star Homes India we look at all homes with utmost respect. When we say that we sell "Beautiful Homes for Beautiful People" we believe that all homes are as beautiful as the people who live there.

#home is more than merely a built space - it is also an anchor, a melting pot where the family comes together and grows together in a spirit of sharing and discovery in the journey of life. The selection of that physical space which will be defining your family for years to come and become a crucible of their creativity and endeavour for their entire lives, is not an easy one. It's like finding a life partner for the entire family !

At Star Homes India we feel we can do more than merely push one "property" or another to those looking for homes. We believe it is more than merely a commercial decision - it's an emotional one and we are there to make possible your dream home, leveraging our connect, expertise and more importantly our rock solid integrity. You can trust us 100%. 

We want to sell homes and that's beyond commerce. We want to make the home search an experience as well - perhaps one of the most beautiful one when you went around looking for a soul mate for the entire family and one that would outlive you!

It is with thoughts like these that we are building Star Homes India- one day at a time.

Have been fortunate to have been in this industry for a good more than 26 years of my career enabling homes - beautiful homes for beautiful people and hope to continue doing that.
If you care to join us in our pursuit of this simple vision please feel free to drop in a line to me at and we will explore the terms. We are looking for professional partners and not salaried employees at this point in time.